[mythtv-users] How do I disable a tuner

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Fri Apr 29 20:04:48 UTC 2011

    > Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:42:27 -0400
    > From: "Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com>

    > > I am going to go to Input Connections section and change the Video
    > > Source for the bad Capture Device to NONE.  Am i correct in assuming
    > > that the  scheduler will not use/consider this device now.  This should
    > > buy me time to fix the bad cable.

    > If you do that, things may work fine, now, but at any point in the 
    > future, all of your MythTV Capture Cards/Video Sources/Input Connections 
    > configuration may be broken (with no further action on your 
    > part

...once again, do we know what exactly breaks... ? :)

    > 	 --meaning you have to delete everything (including all Video 
    > Sources, which means you lose all your channel configuration), and 
    > reconfigure everything.

    > Just delete the capture card.

    > > If i delete the capture Card, won't it be more reconfiguration to
    > > re-enable / test later? I suspect my problem is a bad cable not a bad
    > > capture card.

    > Creating a capture card takes, literally, 5 seconds.  It does not affect 
    > channels (which are stored in the Video Source).  It only requires you 
    > to know your capture card type and device.

Doesn't it mean it messes with the priorities if people depend on the
order in which cards were created and may required deleting them all
and recreating them?  (I know -you- will say it takes you 30 seconds
flat to recreate all your cards, but you're ignoring the people who do
this very rarely and may need to carefully write down and recreate

[I still think it's a little weird that Myth uses the creation order,
as opposed to something easier for a user to define and/or change, but
that's a different topic.]

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