[mythtv-users] Another Jamu questions

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Fri Apr 29 07:31:36 UTC 2011

2011/4/28 raptor jr <raptorjr at hotmail.com>:
> Every hour a cron job runs Jamu and fetches data for my recordings. My
> problem is that i live in Sweden. Well Sweden isn't the problem, but the
> problem is that many series don't have exactly the same name as the original
> series. So for a few series i dont get any data from Jamu.
> Is there some way that i can have some kind of translation table between
> swedish names and the original names? So Jamu use the original name to find
> data to the swedish recording? Or could i set up something so that when
> recordings are saved on some series they get renamed to the original name?

Yep, fix it upstream so everyone (well, at least the Swedish people)
will benefit from it. I've done it with quite a few Danish shows, it's
very easy.

If the name of the show is "clean" and doesn't contain data unrelated
to the name of the show (like season numbers, etc), then the place to
fix it is at:

Their documentation will describe the details - but in general you
search for the english show, selects Svenska, adds the Swedish name
(and more data if you feel for it) and save the data.

When you fix it at thetvdb, jamu will usually be able to fetch the
right data within minutes.

If the showname contains garbage, you shouldn't add it to thetvdb, as
it will just bloat up their database. In that case, you can do the
mapping locally by adding the Swedish name and the ShowID from thetvdb
to the "series_name_override"-section in your jamu.conf file.

Best regards

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