[mythtv-users] Request for help making live TV useable

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Sat Apr 23 14:49:31 UTC 2011

On 11-04-23 10:36 AM, Bob Shanteau wrote:
> On 04/22/2011 01:57 PM, Mark Lord wrote:
>> Yes, it's buried rather deeply in the menus.  :)
> On "Playback Profiles (3/8)" I see nowhere to "click on a profile". I
> see buttons to "Add New" and "Delete" a profile, and a button to "Edit"
> a "Match criteria", but none of those buttons take me to a page with
> "Custom Filters".

If you select "Edit", you should get a new screen with "Match criteria"
at the top, and "OSD fade" at bottom right.  Select "Next" again from
this screen to get page-2.  This second screen has "Primary deinterlacer",
"Fallback deinterlacer", and "Custom filters".

> How do you know when you've set the "right" value? Sure, you need it
> high enough to avoid pixelation, but what is the downside of running too
> high a value for "vdpaubuffersize="?

Downside is you run out of video card memory, and things stop working.
Also, I notice playback on my GT240 starts getting jerky
if I set it too high (like, "50").  Not sure why,
but it might have something to do with RAM caches on the card
or on the motherboard.  (?)

> I have a Zotac GeForce 210 1 GB 64 bit DDR2 video card, and my playback
> is not pixelated at all using the "Normal VDPAU" profile. (Although
> sometimes I notice a significant lag in the video behind the audio, but
> not just now.)

Most things I play here have a 180msec lag, some of which is due
to the surround system processor that the mythbox feeds into.

>> Now, with the patches linked earlier in this thread, I don't specify
>> "vdpaubuffersize=" at all, and both systems play back high bitrate h.264
>> content without blocky sequences.

So no need to fuss over it, then.  The playback profile you have
probably already has it set for you, or perhaps none of your videos
are of a flavour that requires a larger number of buffers.

> I'm running MythTV 0.24-2 (which is the latest update from the MythDora
> repository), so that means I'm not running the "patches linked earlier
> in this thread," right?

Right.  Cheers!

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