[mythtv-users] How big is your database on disk?

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Fri Apr 22 12:40:04 UTC 2011

 On Fri, 22 Apr 2011 13:30:30 +0100, Richard Morton 
 <richard.e.morton at gmail.com> wrote:
> Do you run the optimize_db script; I have it running as a cronjob, I
> dont know what is the "optimum" interval for running it, I am sure
> weekly would be sufficient. You never know it might help. If you have
> "jumpiness" it maybe your frontend isnt quite up to the job of 
> running
> it smoothly.. I tend not to use the on-screen scheduler and use
> mythweb for nearly all scheduling (connecting over SSH &
> portforwarding on my android phone, using the connectbot app, and
> using mythweb remotely when needed).
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 Frontend that I notice it the most on is a Revo 3700, ethernet, and an 

 The kids use the Guide feature from a universal (Harmony) remote.

 I do run the optimize tables from mythweb about every 1-2 weeks.  It 
 used to make a lot of difference in pre-/post-optimization disk space 
 used, but that's probably when I ran it less frequently.  No errors 
 reported by mythweb on the SQL.

 I figure there are plenty of other things to check into, I'm not that 
 worried, just curious at this stage.

 I am, however, going to continue watching for anyone who has insight on 
 further optimizing the queries.

 Thanks again

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