[mythtv-users] Vergin Media V+ HD

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Apr 21 16:55:37 UTC 2011

On 21/04/11 14:39, Mike Holden wrote:
> Dave Pearson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm considering switching from Sky + to Virgin Media with the V+ HD
>> box. Does anyone on the list use a PVR250 (or similar) to record
>> from the V+ HD Box? I currently have a PVR250 connected to the
>> composite output (via the Sky+ SCART socket) and would like to be
>> able to do the same if I switch. I'm also controlling the Sky+ box
>> with a Hauppage MCE IR Transmitter- will I be able to control the
>> Virgin box in the same way and is there an LIRC config file for the
>> V+ HD box?
>> Slightly off topic, does (or will) Virgin Media provide a fixed IP
>> Address on their high speed fibre broadband?
> Can't speak for the V+/HD box, however I use an older SD Virgin box
> in exactly the manner you describe (however I use the s-video output
> via a scart converter into a pvr350 - in practice this only affects
> which "video device" you use on the card to produce your input),
> including IR blasting with an MCE device, and it works a treat. I
> see no reason why the V+ box should be any different.
> Don't know whether Virgin can/will fix you up with a fixed IP
> address. I use dyndns.org to put my network on the internet, and
> have been using it for years.
The V+ HD box will likely be different, since it's output will be HDMI, not 
SCART. I don't know if component will also be available, someone else will have 
to answer that. If so, you would be able to capture using an HD-PVR. If a SCART 
socket is provided, you would almost certainly only get SD out of it (= no benefit).

My Samsung V-box outputs via SCART, there is no separate s-video socket, but the 
sync signal seems to be missing from the interface. Therefore I can only get 
composite, not S-Video as I originally expected :(

As far as I am aware the Virgin boxes use a standard IR encoding but I wouldn't 
be surprised if they chose to use some more obscure one on the new HD boxes.

I've been thinking of getting a Virgin HD box, but even though it's only a 
one-off £50 fee I haven't got the readies at the moment :( If it's going to 
complicate my recording, I'll stick with SD, thanks.


Mike Perkins

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