[mythtv-users] Request for help making live TV useable

Richard Morton richard.e.morton at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 09:59:50 UTC 2011


Just like the OP fixes have been added to 0.24 recently and the
version you are using is 4 months old. If you update to latest
andRECORDED the issues still exist I am sure that the devs working on
LiveTV (if any at that time) will be interested in your results.

I however have been using MythTV since 0.20; I have never had issues
with crashes or odd behaviour with livetv. On the otherhand LiveTV
means that Myth is trying to schedule recordings in advance, making
judgement calls of when to record things without knowing which tuners
are going to be available at any particular time... MythTV and any DVR
either needs to have TV tuners when it needs them, or have dedicated
live TV tuners.

As such, although I rebelled against it when I started to use MythTV,
I now only use/watch pre-recorded TV, even if that means that I am
watching something a few seconds behind real time.... In other words I
tell mythtv about everything I/we want to watch, whether that is
something that is just being broadcast now and I just spotted or
something I scheduled  which is being broadcast in the future, I use
the scheduler (or mythweb) to schedule the recording and then I watch
the recording.

Otherwise you are asking MythTV to schedule with one arm behind its
back (or a blindfold on; choose your metaphor). MythTVs scheduler is
more complex than that of Sky+...


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