[mythtv-users] Playback problem -- random short pauses

Kenneth Emerson kenneth.emerson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 22:02:06 UTC 2011

> Again, replying back on my original thread.

I have had an experience (not a very long period of time) where there were
no interruptions while watching recordings.  The main difference that I
could discern was no commflagging and no recordings taking place.  To test
this theory (that there is too much other disk/CPU activity) I have modified
the backend to only run jobs from 2am to 10am (times when we never watch
TV).  This will leave only other recordings as background tasks.  I will
report back after several days of watching with the results.

I will also add (especially after reading other recent posts on
partitioning) that I have my database on a separate disk from recordings,
but my OS does share space with my recordings (as does the swap partition).
 The OS and swap are RAID1 x 4 and my recordings are RAID5 on the same 4
spindles.  I can certainly see the benefit of the DB on its own spindle.
 Not sure I see the benefit of the OS being separate.  I do have some
swapping going on, but it is very little ( currently I have 85kb swapped out
-- system has 4GB RAM).

Maybe someone else will educate me.

-- Ken E.

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