[mythtv-users] Partitioning advice request

francis3 francis3 at libero.it
Fri Apr 15 15:51:58 UTC 2011

* Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk> [150411, 11:31]:


> >
> I agree with all of the above, but surely the point of having one drive per 
> tuner is that you reduce head movement - assuming mythtv is smart enough to 
> spread the recordings around.

Assuming I add another 2T drive for recordings, do I have to play with
storage groups to spread the recordings between the two drives?

> (Actually, it isn't one drive per tuner you should be aiming for, but enough 
> drives to cover the maximum number of simultaneous recordings you plan to 
> schedule. Not quite the same thing, given multirec and all that.)
> You /must/ put your OS and database on a separate drive since the head seeking 
It's my next step in improving mythtv.

> will interfere with the large chunks the recording is writing to disk. The idea 
> is that each recording drive then just moves the heads gradually as the files 
> build up == very little noise.
> A much better plan, which removes all your noise considerations, is to split 
> your backend and your frontend into two separate hosts connected by wired 
> Ethernet. Your large, hot, noisy backend can then be stuffed into a (ventilated) 
> cupboard somewhere else in your house and your low-heat, noiseless, diskless 
> frontend occupies a small space beside your TV.

Yeah ... The place where I live now does not allow a separate BE. 
In the next home ... sure I'll do that. :-)

Thanks, Mike for your advice.


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