[mythtv-users] LIRC and MythBuntu 10.10

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Fri Apr 15 15:29:38 UTC 2011

On Apr 15, 2011, at 11:24 AM, Mark Lord wrote:

> On 11-04-15 07:28 AM, Greg Hormann wrote:
> ..
>> I then tried to configure using serial port.  I copied over the
>> lircd.conf file from the old server, setup hardware.conf and restarted
>> the service.  The lirc_serial module seems to correctly load, but the
>> it doesn't change the channels.  (Unfortunately this blaster doesn't
>> light up like the HD_PVR, so I can't see if a signal is actually being
>> sent, but if I plug it back into the old mythserver it still works..)
> I didn't break it, but I can fix it.
> Grab this tarball, unpack it, and use "make clean install".
> Then reboot.  Presto, working lirc_serial blaster.
>     http://rtr.ca/lirc_serial_fixed.tar.gz
> Mind you, it only works as well as the code therein.
> I find it to be rather spotty when run on a busy mythtv system.
> Sometimes it works, sometimes it only partially works,
> depending upon how busy the rest of the system is.
> Someday I really ought to write a proper implementation for this thing,
> except I don't actually need/use it myself.

Yeah, it needs a significant rewrite if its ever going to get out
of staging, but I don't know that anyone really wants to touch it
badly enough to make it happen. Its by far my least favorite IR
driver that any significant number of people use. (I have even
more disdain for lirc_parallel and lirc_sir, but very few people
actually use those).

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com

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