[mythtv-users] Mytharchive - Audio/video Drift when archiving a recording to DVD, and edits not being honoured

Angus Kerr angus at tropical.za.net
Fri Apr 15 11:48:10 UTC 2011

> If you want to apply edits within MythArchive you have to activate this 
> after you have selected the recordings: use the 'm' or menu key to bring

> up a list of options.  In Myth 0.24 the cuts are still inverted.
> Personally I prefer to do things one step at a time.  That way you can 
> hope to make some progress instead of always starting from the beginning

> after the likely misfires.
> I don't know how many people are starting from .nuv these days. I 
> haven't seen sync problems during the last few years when starting from 
> mpeg2 recordings or pre-converted .nuv.
> And a 300 minute single-layer dvd won't give good picture quality; but I

> suppose you can judge that from what you have.
> John P

Thanks John.

Will check out the menu options - must have overlooked this issue.

As for your comments about nuv - I can't see a way on how *not* to have
the recording in .nuv?

I did get sync errors some years back because of dropped video frames, but
that was through the AV inputs, where the streams go separately..

I did not expect sync errors with a video file where the audio and video
are already in sync...

Quality wise, it is quite surprising how good the quality is considering
it's being squashed so much. But then, from the RF output of my PVR, the
quality was pretty bad to begin with....

The only reason for this exercise was to be able to get the 6 hours onto a
single disk so a friend could look at it.

A few speed bumps later, it's still a bit of a train wreck.

Am I correct in assuming that ffmpeg is the smoking gun?

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