[mythtv-users] Mytharchive - Audio/video Drift when archiving a recording to DVD, and edits not being honoured

Angus Kerr angus at tropical.za.net
Fri Apr 15 10:54:27 UTC 2011


I seem to have picked up a problem with this issue. It seems to be an old
issue (web search shows 2007), but as I am only now encountering it, it
seems to no have been resolved yet. 

I made a recording from the RF tuner input of my TV Card (Pinnacle - can't
remember the model, but I don't think it's important). 

The recording is in nuv format, and is 300 minutes long. 

I then used the archive facility to generate an iso file to create a DVD.
Once some hurdles (regarding an .ICEAuthority file which required
had been overcome, I noticed: 

1. Audio and Video slowly drifted out of sync over time: To start with,
the audio and video are perfectly in sync (people being interviewed have
perfect lip sync), but after two hours the audio has drifted and now leads
the video by about 2 seconds. As time progresses, the sync issue gets
progressively worse. I then checked the original recording by playing it
deep into 3 hours, and the sync is perfect for the entire duration of the
recording (all 6 hours of it). 

2. The top 'n tailing which I had edited in were ignored, and the raw file
seemed to have been usedI'm running Mythbuntu 10.04, which runs Mythtv ?? 

It seems that the script ran ffmpeg to transcode the file, and it would
appear that this program is buggy, or does not have the correct default
paramters supplied. 

Any idea how to solve my problem. It really should be a trivial issue that
should have been resolved a long time ago? And why am I (apparently) the
only person to make an issue of out it now? 



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