[mythtv-users] SOLVED: MythTV vs. Windows Media Center

bhaskins bhaskins at chartermi.net
Thu Apr 14 13:38:59 UTC 2011

brianr69 at gmail.com wrote:
> Yes, I pride myself on not being obnoxious.  I'm sure you can tell.
> Oh... crap... I didn't "bottom post".  My apologies.  I'm sure this 
> has offended many of you FOSS purists.  I'm sure you'll promptly ban 
> me for my transgressions.  Quick!  Find a crucifix and nail me to it!
> I guess the point I'm trying to make (with quite a bit of satire) is 
> that if you folks weren't so rigid, maybe more people would take up 
> your cause.  Microsoft didn't make it to their level by pissing off 
> their potential users.
I'm sure that you will find many! on this list that are 100% totally 
pissed off a microcrap.
WPE and WGA are just two good reasons to flush their ~!@# where ~!@# 
should be flushed.
> I understand how much time and dedication it has taken to develop your 
> product (for free).  However, if you want to attract a larger 
> audience... (to quote an old southern-USA saying) you'll get more 
> flies with honey than with vinegar.
> I was honestly interested in Myth.  However, after such negative 
> responses as I received, it totally turned me away from Myth.
> Yes, I have a lot more experience with Windows than with Linux but I 
> LOVE the idea of learning new things.  
> The responses I received here were what turned me completely away from 
> Myth (that, and the fact that the "simple" Mythbuntu installation 
> wouldn't even run on my hardware).  Conversely, I've received nothing 
> but helpful, positive responses in similar forums that are dedicated 
> to Windows Media Center.  Those folks go the extra mile and don't 
> criticize when someone asks a stupid question.
> Media Center isn't perfect.  However, there is a TON of 
> free-open-source-software or donation-ware for Media Center that 
> accomplishes everything that I want to do.  I now have a working Media 
> Center system that serves HD video to every room of my house from a 
> single Windows PC.  Admittedly, I'm still tweaking and learning new 
> tricks... but it serves my needs and more.  The machine I built is 
> silent, cool, and does everything I've read that Myth can do.  Yes, I 
> spent quite a bit of money on the machine and the extenders to make 
> them do what I want to do... but it's very solid... and reliability is 
> very important to me.  I'm pretty anal when it comes to building a 
> reliable machine that will stand the test of time... I don't cut 
> corners... so that's a big part of why I spent the amount of money 
> that I did.  The machine is overkill.  It rarely runs at more than 20% 
> of capacity in either CPU, disc I/O or network I/O.  It will probably 
> still be doing its job in 10 years... just like every over-built 
> machine I've ever owned.
> I'm sure I'll receive a lot of flames from this message, but I really 
> don't care.  I'll be deleting my Myth account pretty soon anyway.
> I hope you'll reply to future requests from newbies who challenge your 
> pre-conceived notions with more care than you replied to mine.
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 11:49 PM, Brian Phillips 
> <brian.phillips at byu.net <mailto:brian.phillips at byu.net>> wrote:
>     brianr69 at gmail.com <mailto:brianr69 at gmail.com> wrote:
>     > Many of the replies I received were quite obnoxious.
>     Thanks for the example of an unobnoxious reply!
>     Brian
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