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Fa fayoeu at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 23:00:46 UTC 2011

I am going through this pain right now with my hdhomerun box.  I got some
more channels and now I have to rescan.

There are a few pain points:
1.  scanning isn't predictable.  I find some scans are missing channels that
I need and had in a prior scan.
2.  Having to match the channel to the XMLTV is slow since it takes a few
secs to tune, with over 80 channels, it will take a few hours.
3.  Why is the channel editor outside of the myth frontend?  I wish you
could tune and change it right in the frontend guide.
4.  That delete button which deletes all channels on the channel editor page
is just a nightmare, I clicked on it and had to restore my db and lost hours
of work.

I dread every time I need to rescan.

On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 11:05 PM, Douglas Peale <Douglas_Peale at comcast.net>wrote:

> On 02/07/2011 09:21 PM, Josh Rosenberg wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > Thanks to Douglas Peale for helping me with my previous problem.  My
> > HDHR was indeed trying to tune channels on old frequencies after my
> > cable provider changed the frequencies for everything.
> >
> > Now things "work", but it seems like I'm doing something wrong still,
> > and I was hoping someone could fill me in on what I'm missing.
> > Whenever I have to rescan channels, it takes me 2 hours or more to get
> > things back to normal.  After waiting out the scan process and adding
> > in all the conflicting channels, I tend to undergo the following
> > procedure:
> >
> > 1.  Tune to the next low-numbered channel (e.g. 3_1)
> > 2.  Try to figure out which real channel it is based on network logos
> > and the like, sometimes cheating by using a non-Myth cable box (e.g.
> > WCAU, the local CBS station)
> > 3.  Look up on schedules direct's website to see what the channel
> > number is supposed to be (e.g. 232)
> > 4.  Edit the channel to give it the number 232, a sensible callsign
> > (e.g. "CBS/WCAU"), and a sensible name (e.g. "CBS 3").
> > 5.  Go back to step 1 and repeat for all my channels
> >
> > This takes forever.  Sometimes it takes me days to properly identify
> > some of the subtler channels.  And I have to do this over again every
> > time I have to re-scan for channels.  I must be missing something,
> > right?
> >
> > I tried the procedure at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Scte65scan , but I
> > found it mostly unhelpful.  It found scrambled cable channels and SD
> > versions of network channels -- exactly what I don't want.  I mainly
> > watch HD versions of network channels, but also enjoy the few
> > unscrambled cable channels I get.
> >
> > Please advise, and thanks in advance!
> >
> > Josh Rosenberg
> Unless you can convince your cable company to publish a proper list of
> channel mappings (unlikely), you are not missing
> anything, that is what you will have to do.
> Usually, my cable company only changes a couple of channels at a time, so I
> only have to rescan the channels that changed. You
> can use "HDHomeRun Config" to see if the channels have changed by recording
> which channels are where and checking from time to
> time. You may be able to automate this check as well, though on demand
> channels will make grep difficult, and you won't know
> where channels have moved to, only that they have moved.
> Scte65scan can generate a list of callsigns to frequencyID to cable company
> channel numbers, but it is only good for limited
> basic SD channels, and includes a bunch of encrypted extended basic SD
> channels. It does save some time trying to figure out
> what the channels are.
> Also SiliconDust.com has local channel mappings that may help, though they
> are not always accurate.
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