[mythtv-users] hours to edit channels?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Mon Apr 11 23:42:20 UTC 2011

On 4/11/2011 19:00, Fa wrote:
> 2.  Having to match the channel to the XMLTV is slow since it takes a 
> few secs to tune, with over 80 channels, it will take a few hours.

How do you propose we improve this?  Cable lineups are going to be very 
location specific, unique to each headend.  While it would be great to 
use the same virtual channel table cable boxes use, those are 
transmitted on a band standard digital tuners cannot access.

We could create some collaborative service hosted on the MythTV servers, 
but that would require both that there be another MythTV user in your 
area that has already configured a lineup, and that they are reliable 
user that didn't provide bad information.  Beyond that, cable lineups 
can change on a whim, and while their own boxes will update 
automatically from that VCT we cannot access, these collaborative 
lineups would be rendered stale, bad information.

We could have some utility in the backend that will go through and take 
a snapshot, or a few seconds of video, of each found channel, but that 
works under the assumption the channel will have something recognizable 
at all times.  In reality, you may go tens of minutes without a station 
identifier, and if you don't recognize the program they are playing, 
you're simply out of luck.

> 3.  Why is the channel editor outside of the myth frontend?  I wish 
> you could tune and change it right in the frontend guide.

We do have a limited channel editor accessible from within LiveTV.  
Press 'e'.

> 4.  That delete button which deletes all channels on the channel 
> editor page is just a nightmare, I clicked on it and had to restore my 
> db and lost hours of work.

Not sure what the complaint is here on this one.  For me, 'del' does 
nothing, and 'd' prompts first, confirming if I actually want to delete 
that single channel.

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