[mythtv-users] Question re: available SATA ports and linux software RAID

Bobby Gill bobbygill at rogers.com
Mon Apr 11 19:11:54 UTC 2011

> OK, for Myth storage there is a school of thought that says not to
> build an array at all - just create multiple storage directories and
> that will allow Myth to spread the recordings (and load) between them.
> In terms of capacity, it depends on the level of raid.
> If striping, then there is no difference in capacity between 2x3 and
> 1x6 in the array - both will give you a total of 3 drives worth of
> storage.
> However, for RAID 5 then 1x6 will give you 5 drives worth of storage,
> while 2x3 will give you 4 drives worth (2x2). RAID 6 would give 4
> drives worth for 1x6, but would not be worthwhile for 2x3 since 3
> drives would only give a single data drive for RAID 6 !
> For performance, it is very heavily dependent on the type of
> workload. For the sort of large sequential reads & writes typical of
> Myth recordings, then 2 arrays may give better performance - but that
> assumes multiple recordings will be split across the arrays (which is
> the norm) and that playback will be similarly split (which may or may
> not be the case). In practice, a single large array should be quite
> adequate for any reasonable setup.

 Thanks! I think it will be one big array then, especially with that tidbit
on 3 drives yielding 1 for RAID-6 :-|

As for workload, my setup will be using Myth as a part of it, combined with
playing various other video formats via XBMC, and also running as torrent
server and some token other duties. For consideration, it will be playing
directly to a receiver and on /very/ rare occasions, it will be playing to
more than one place simultaneously. It's for myself in a HT/HTPC setup,
that's it.

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