[mythtv-users] Question re: available SATA ports and linux software RAID

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Mon Apr 11 03:45:43 UTC 2011

On 11-04-10 04:57 PM, f-myth-users at media.mit.edu wrote:
> Note that 3 TB Hitachi's are currently on sale at Newegg today for
> $130 after applying a $20 discount code.  Anyone have anything to say
> about 'em?

I have ALWAYS had bad luck with DeathStar drives,
both when branded IBM and when branded Hitachi.
Way too many premature failures here on both brands.

> Oddly, I see various people claiming the MV8 will or won't support
> anything over 1 TB, without much agreement.

Under Linux, there's no limit there.
The onboard BIOS may have trouble with a 3TB boot drive,
but once Linux and sata_mv are loaded, there's nothing in
the device driver to prevent full use of the capacity.

I do have a bug report currently of hot-plug failing for one user
on that chipset (Marvell 6041/6081) with recent kernels. Not sure why yet.


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