[mythtv-users] mytharchive problems after upgrading to 0.24.

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Fri Apr 8 16:35:28 UTC 2011

On 07/04/11 02:46, John Drescher wrote:
>> I switched themes to Compact and got a DVD. The dvd was somehow a lot
>> smaller than expected but it looks like for some reason the cutlist is
>> inverted. I mean I got only the commercials instead if the program. I
>> guess the advertisers would be happy...
> I believe this problem is the following bug:
> http://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/9389
> John

Yes, that's it.  Apologies.  I should have mentioned it in the earlier 
thread.  But the ticket isn't just a bug report; it includes a drop-in 
replacement for use in 0.24 for the cutlist translator routine in 
mythburn.py.  I usually cut before entering MythArchive, using the same 
logic in the mythcutprojectx script, but I have used the modified 
internal version with success.  I'm afraid I don't know why the broken 
version hasn't yet been dropped.  Maintainability ought to be better if 
a new version was eventually based on mythcommflag --getcutlist instead 
of addressing the db directly, but I kept as close as I could to the 
existing code.


John P

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