[mythtv-users] UK: managing Freeview and Freesat

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Apr 6 17:24:32 UTC 2011

On 04/06/2011 05:45 AM, Richard Lainchbury wrote:
> What about making it automatic so the searching isn't required in the 
> first place?

That is always the desired solution.  No user should ever have to 
connect directly to MySQL to configure their MythTV system (and doing so 
isn't a "supported" solution, anyway).  Furthermore, in the future, 
clients won't be able to connect directly to the database (since we 
won't be running it on a MySQL server).  Therefore, things like this 
need to be fixed in the MythTV code by affected parties, and patches 
submitted for inclusion.

Nick's solution is also very much welcome--and makes sense in upstream 
XMLTV code for this particular issue.  That said, we could still use 
improvements to the channel editor to allow oft-needed functionality.  
Many of these improvements will likely be added--or at least easier to 
add--after the setup rewrite.

I'm happy to review any patch that makes it easy for users to do, in 
MythTV, things that currently require them to use external 
database-accessing scripts (or scripts in general).


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