[mythtv-users] three questions with DVB-T

Andreas Witte andreaz at t-online.de
Wed Apr 6 00:04:39 UTC 2011

Von: Matt Harrison
Gesendet: Dienstag, 5. April 2011 02:40
Betreff: [mythtv-users] three questions with DVB-T

> Hi list,
Hi, Matt.

I ran into kinda the same issues you describe here with 2 msi digivox
The time you can't get a lock seems to be a bug with the i2c communication.
Youll see an error in dmesg (like i saw). After fiddling around with both
of them i was kinda sick and decide to send one of the tuners to Antti, the
maintainer of the modules for the af9013/15 for further investigation. But
from my pci tuners(2 avertv 771 bttv cards) i wanted another tuner and
bought a 
pctv diversity stick solo. With that dual usb tuner im happy again and its
way better than the digivox ones. I dont blame anyone for the driver, esp.
not Antti,
he was really helpful, except afatech for their firmware. Im pretty sure its
a firmware 

I can remember that guy in the electronic shop came to me with the question
if he
can help me. I said, ohwell, whats the chipset inside this stick? Can i
exchange it
if i can see any afatech stuff inside it? He was like: Eeeeehrm.... :)
Gladly i got
a list with me from linuxtv.org to avoid that chipset.

But with that pctv stick i run into another issue with my small usb status
but thats another story... :)


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