[mythtv-users] three questions with DVB-T

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Apr 6 09:26:13 UTC 2011

On 06/04/11 00:15, Matt Harrison wrote:
> I just really, really wish that I had better tuners. Cold booting the
> machine is ok once in a while, but I've just tried to use all 4 tuners
> again. Three are fine (2 on one device and 1 on the other), but the
> fourth is "No Lock"ing me again.
> I can't cold boot the machine every time I want to use all my tuners. I
> believe it's the hardware rather than the drivers. When I first started
> using mythtv I only had the MSI Digivox and I had very few problems.
> This Kworld thing is built on the same chipset but seems to be the root
> of the problem. Unfortunately I can't find another MSI tuner anywhere.
If you have four tuners in the same box, and they are the K-World DVB tuners, 
you might want to have a look at your power supply. Those beasts consume a lot 
of power. I originally had three in a box and had problems with overheating and 
the power supply just not keeping up.

Now since the implementation of DVB multirec I can manage with two tuners, 
although I'm considering putting the third in a slave backend one day. I've also 
had to beef up the power supply and add extra fans to the box.

The K-World tuners are fine, they just need amps and airflow.


Mike Perkins

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