[mythtv-users] Automatically launch user jobs after commercial detection (chained)?

Mark Lord mythtv at rtr.ca
Mon Apr 4 20:07:52 UTC 2011

On 11-04-04 03:04 PM, greg at nodecam.com wrote:
>>> User Jobs is the thing you're looking for:
>>> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/User_Jobs
>>> You're possibly going to have to do the commercial flagging within your
>>> script, but what you want to do is totally doable (having done virtually
>>> the same thing for my PSP a few years back)
>> Thanks Greg, but I've already got the User Job set up to do everything I
>> want but I have to kick it off manually.  How do I make it run after the
>> recording is completed?  Ideally, it would run my user job once the
>> commercial detection is done because I have myth set up to run commercial
>> detection while the file is being recorded.
> It's part of the recording schedule - Post Recording Options (or something
> along those lines - I'm not in front of my TV)  Just check off to "Run
> User Job #1" or whichever job is the one you set up..
> I think you'll have to figure out a way to make your job wait for
> commercial flagging to complete, or else do the flagging in your user job
> as well, but what you've described doesn't sound unusual at all.

One way to achieve that, is to use mythtv-setup to invoke your own script
rather than mythcommflag directly.  Your script can then do mythcommflag,
and then continue on with any additional processing you like.

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