[mythtv-users] Digital switchover channel confusion

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Mon Apr 4 08:31:01 UTC 2011

I posted last week about my experience in rescanning for channels after 
the start of the dvb-t digital switchover in my region.  A 'Full Scan' 
in mythvsetup found duplicate channels and new multiplexes that needed 
local knowledge to resolve.

Yesterday I rescanned my other 0.24-fixes mythbox without these 
problems.  Its channels were properly configured before the external 
changes and the 'Edit Transports' screen showed the expected six muxes.

In the mythtvsetup 'Channel Editor' select the digital 'Video Source' 
and then 'Delete' - which removes all digital channels.

In 'Channel Scan' select 'All' as the 'Desired Services' (if that's what 
you want), 'Scan of all existing Transports' and 'Search new 
Transports', then start the scan with 'Next'.

After the scan finished I had a new list of six muxes and a full set of 
properly numbered channels.  Rescan for icons and quit if/when it starts 
enquiring about choices for channels you don't care about.

Clever stuff - but of course YMMV.

John P

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