[mythtv-users] Is anyone using CentOS 5 [equiv] in the UK with the Radio Times XMLTV grabber?

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Fri Apr 1 09:56:38 UTC 2011

   If so, could you please check the output of the attached script?

   I get:

Perl is 5.008008, Date::Manip in use is 5.60
Input is '2011032806:00'
First utc_offset call produced '20110328060000 +0100'
   Implicit timezone calculated to be '+0100'
Date::Manip::DM5 using TZ=UTC
ParseData output: 2011033105:00:00
parse_date -> '2011032805:00:00'
parse_local_date -> '2011032805:00:00'
date_to_local -> '2011032805:00:00 +0100'
Got '20110328050000 +0100'

   Which is *wrong* (0500 instead of 0600).  I see this on *both* CentOS 5 
boxes I have access to, and it's causing my TV listings to be shifted by an 
hour since the clocks changed.

   I don't understand why no-one else is seeing the problem :-(

   It works fine on my Fedora 14 desktop, but that uses a different version 
of the Date::Manip perl module (DM6, which only works with perl >= 5.10, 
CentOS 5 has 5.8 and triggers DM5).

[neil at fnx ~]# rm -f .signature
[neil at fnx ~]# ls -l .signature
ls: .signature: No such file or directory
[neil at fnx ~]# exit
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