[mythtv-users] Can't get RTSP source working in 0.21 or 0.23

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Mon Apr 4 06:26:49 UTC 2011

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On 4/4/2011 00:25, Christian Hack wrote: 

MythTV can use your CAM natively when slotted into your tuner card.

Fair enough. In this case using a CAM in the tuner card is not possible.


Channels are all set up properly as far as I can tell with a FREEBOX/Network
Recorder and MythTV starts up and starts initiating the connection.
Basically as per this (which seems to have been deleted just recently): 


The Freebox recorder was designed for... Freebox, which as any other sane
IPTV system, uses multicast.  If you look at the m3u on the link you
mentioned, the channels are all multicast streams.  Your RTSP stream is not


Ok, sane or otherwise is there any other way to achieve this that can be
suggested? The latest VLC seems to have changed all the options to multicast
so I'm not sure how to actually create this locally. I'm sure it's possible.
At least I get the problem now.



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