[mythtv-users] Thoughts on the upcoming Boxee Box as a possible frontend?

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 23:28:06 UTC 2010

I pre-ordered mine at Amazon as soon as it was available (
It has the following noteworthy specs:

* Intel Atom CE4100 SOC which supposedly "is capable of handling 2
simultaneous 1080p video streams. It supports H.264 video, 3D graphics, and
Adobe Flash 10." (http://liliputing.com/tag/atom-ce4100 )
* 802.11 n/g/b
* Support for up to 32GB SHDC (no disk onboard apparently)
* Netflix streaming
* Kickass 2-sided bluetooth remote with nav pad on one side and QWERTY on
the other
* $199

I'm not very familiar with the CE4100 and most searches turned up more
articles on the Boxee Box, but I believe I saw on Engadget that it supports
VAAPI, which I see is in preliminary support in .24. Wow that was a run-on
sentence. Is anybody familiar with this chip and its feasibility with Myth?
If it's an Atom then it's x86 code, which should IMHO make it Myth-friendly.

Anyways, the obvious questions besides hardware are A) What OS is it running
and B) Will it be easy to get a shell and install apps? Boxee's testing and
builds have always favored Ubuntu so there's hope, but with Netflix and who
knows what other "jailed apps" on board, I have to wonder if their media
partners have asked them to lock things down a bit. Any thoughts?
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