[mythtv-users] Thin client frontend

Tortise tortise at paradise.net.nz
Fri Sep 24 23:21:57 UTC 2010

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>> I run about six to ten FE's (depending how one defines these). The admin
>> load is a draggg so a central model has some advantages
> If I had multiple frontend clients and needed to
> upgrade I would upgrade the server and only one copy of the frontend netboot
> image, then copy that frontend image for all the other frontends.

>I'd softlink all the various FE rootfs-es to accomplish the same thing
while saving 6-10X disk space and improving performance (6-10X more
efficient use of disk cache). Of course a few things like /tmp,
/etc/HOSTNAME, /var/log/syslog, etc would need to be their own
separate copies rather than links, but that's minor.

Interesting,  I guess that means there would be a master FE that had to run all the time, and that would be kept up to date.  The 
other FE's would "borrow" its files over the LAN and effectively be locally customised clones? 

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