[mythtv-users] RHEL6-Beta and QTWebKit

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 16:46:14 UTC 2010

Just a heads up to anyone who is going to play with EL6 beta..  It is
quite nice, but the folks at redhat are apparently in limbo still
about their stance on which webkit/KHTML/whatever you wanna call it -
they are going to package from now on, so they left webkit out of
their qt build.  No other repos have qt builds that include it, and
since there are 0 google'ings about it, I just though I would share
how to fix it..

You have to download and install the source rpm, and edit the spec
file - the webkit line is commented out..  Just rebuild it and install
it..  Makes mythui rpm happy again..

I started this all since atrpms has all of the myth pieces for
el6beta, and I could not get grub2 to install on centos5.5 from a
chroot (gpt issues) (while keeping my running system intact) for the
life of me (cannot boot my hardware from the install iso either).  I
scoured for hours looking for a qtwebkit library with no luck, so I
finally had to resort to this...



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