[mythtv-users] nuv files in Mythvideo not accessible via frontend?

Kenni Lund kenni at kelu.dk
Mon Sep 13 13:34:02 UTC 2010

2010/9/13 Sven Bretfeld <sven.bretfeld at gmx.ch>:
> Hi
> I have some nuv recordings saved from an old installation of mythtv. On
> my new backend-server, I want to keep them in mythvideo. This works on
> the backend/frontend machine. However, client machines with only
> myth-frontend ignore these files. How comes?
> I have tried to convert them by mythnuv2mkv.sh, but the script returns
> an error, probably because these files have no entry in the db.
> Also jamu.py ignores these files: "Skipping non-video file foo.nuv".
> Any idea how I can integrate these files in my mythtv setup?

I believe there's an option in the MythVideo settings where you set
the file extentions which MythVideo will accept. Perhaps adding .nuv
there will help, in case it's not already there.

Best Regards

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