[mythtv-users] Any easy way to set up local HD channels via QAM?

Bob mythtv at cox.net
Fri Sep 10 04:18:19 UTC 2010

Seth Heckard wrote:
> If I scan for channels via myth-setup, I get about 200 channels with
> nothing to distinguish them other than a channel number.  Trying to
> individually go through the channels in Live TV gives about 40 that
> tune, but it's a frustrating process because the frontend crashes
> about every other channel (I guess because most are encrypted?)
> However, through that I found all the networks but Fox.
My process is to use the "scan" program from linux-dvb-utils.  Next, I 
have a perl script that will record 5 to 10 seconds from every channel 
and determine the encryption status using ffmpeg.  After that, I use 
mplayer to determine what channel it is.  Then I create a CSV file and 
run one last perl script that goes into the database and configures the 
channel names, numbers, XML ID, etc.

I can share some of this if you are interested.

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