[mythtv-users] upgrade woes

Tom Lichti redpepperracing at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 04:38:21 UTC 2010

On Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 12:16 AM,  <ojw at weilerfamily.com> wrote:
> So there I was, sitting with an old BE/FE box on a 0.21 release version with
> a stock Fedora Core 8, thinking that an upgrade to 0.23 trunk should be a
> snap.  After some downloading and fiddling, I started everything up with
> wonderful "oooooo"'s and "aaaahhhhh"'s from the family to the new themes.
>  Unfortunately, playback was a bear: no remote or keyboard function.
>  Mythweb was missing some dependencies too. Ugh.  I restored everything
> prior to upgrade and tried to think of a different plan.
> I decided that the road to upgrade was going to have to be done with a fresh
> install.  I have another computer in the house with exactly the same
> motherboard and CPU (graphics card is on mobo).  Here's my plan, can you all
> let me know if this has any chance of working and if not, what I might be
> missing?
> 1. Put a new hard drive into the extra computer, load FC 13, with
> development packages, get mythtv, compile and install. (this is essentially
> how I did the last install of mythtv v0.21 and FC8)
> 2. NFS mount recording storage drives onto newly loaded FC 13 in the same
> places that they exist on the original mythtv box.
> 3. Copy mythconverg database, allow mythtvbackend to upgrade it
> 4. Make sure navigation, playback and mythtv work
> 5. Take hard drive out of extra computer, put into original mythtv computer
> For what it's worth, all my tuners are HDHomerun's (3 HDHR's) so drivers for
> tuners aren't really a problem.  How does that look like for an upgrade
> path?  I know it's a hassle but provides minimal downtime but gets me up to
> date.

That's pretty much exactly how I upgraded my backend. The only big
difference was I was already running trunk, I just hit a wall because
it was running on FC8, and QT was getting too old, so I couldn't keep
upgrading trunk (this was about a month or so ago). I took a new
drive, installed FC12, compiled mythtv, re-loaded the database, and I
was up and running again in a few hours. Granted, my DB was not an
issue because it was already current, but your strategy seems sound,
and is what I would do in your situation.


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