[mythtv-users] How to manage recordings.

Speaker To-Dirt speaker_2_dirt at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 17:18:41 UTC 2010

Hi All:

   So I've been using Myth TV for a year now and LOVE IT. I'm recording about 1 TB a year and it's time to put in another drive. The question is now to archive my data? In fact, I'd love to change my entire way of storing and recording. Here's what I have now.

/var/lib/mythtv/video    sda 500 GB 
/data                    sdb 1.5 TB
/data2                   sdc 1.5 TB

What I'd like to do is the following.

/var/lib/mythtv/video    sda 500 GB
/data/New Scandinavian Cooking_2010
/data/Rick Steves's Europe_2010
/data/Meet the Press
/data/Face the Nation

/data2/Nature_2009 etc etc etc.

I'd like Myth to dump recordings of those shows into their 'now year' directory. So I created default directories /data/Nova etc in recording directories. I then copied (using the disk->archive recordings->create archive and copied the files over to the new directories. For Nova and Nature this works. But not for Rick Steves, New Scan Cooking, Meet the Press or Face the Nation. My system is converging to becoming a PBS listening station and recording platform but my haphazard success at getting different shows to be plunked into their proper directory is causing my / disk to fill up every few months. 

Is there an established procedure? Is there a document I can read?

So in the end what I want to do is add more hard drives and have a way to include things like the following into the Nova recording group.


and I need it to grow as the years go on.

Or should I have recording groups for each show in that  year?

Is there a way by hand to edit the recording groups to set the recording directories? From the menu all it gives me is "default" with no other options. Is there a guide for configuring of Myth that does not use the menu interface? Better yet, suppose I was a well versed c programmer but not a database programmer is there a guide to configuring Myth while showing you how to use the DB shell interface?

Mr Speaker


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