[mythtv-users] ,24 Combined EIT and XML channel listing source

Another Sillyname anothersname at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 15 23:27:35 UTC 2010

On 15 November 2010 23:07, D. R. Newman <d.r.newman at e-consultation.org> wrote:
> I thought that in 0.23 the EIT scan overwrote the XML data I get each
> day from the Radio Times. Was I wrong?
> In fact, the XML descriptions here in the UK are better, since you get
> independent reviews (not puff pieces) and sensible categories (not
> "Social/Policial/Economic" a misprint that has been on Freeview EIT for
> years). But the EIT data updates that actual broadcasting times, when
> programmes overrun (e.g. for breaking news or sports events).
> So the ideal would be to update times from EIT, but not the description
> unless the programme name changes.
> On 15/11/10 20:45, Robert McNamara wrote:
>> You can use EIT on a channel not covered by XML fine-- what we don't
>> support is XML and EIT on the *same* channel, where the EIT scanner
>> can/will replace data that upcoming recordings are contingent on,
>> causing them not to record or record in odd/bizarre ways.
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Excepting that the EIT data doesn't rely on an external connection or
server (as a separate thread was commenting that the RT feed was down
for a few days).

In an ideal world (OK slap me now!!).

Pull the XML data for all the 8/9-16 day data - This allows me to see
what I might want to schedule on the long game (i.e. If I'm off for a
two week holiday).

Replace the XML data with the EIT data in the 1-7/8 day range - This
data 'should' be more accurate and frankly I'm not that bothered about
the phraseology of the reviews.  What it will do is provide a progid
and series id that's consistent as it's provided directly by the
broadcaster, this should hopefully mean that if I recorded something
this week and it's repeated in 5 years the database will tell me (this
currently works quite well as I know from experience).

Detect the 'Now and Next' while tuned to programs to detect overruns
and move the scheduling accordingly.

So Now and Next would take absolute priority, then EIT 1-7/8 days then
XML for scheduling.  And if I schedule something using XML data the
scheduling will actually happen when the EIT data arrives.

Now I realise this is an ugly amount of coding and I'm asking the
world.......but it's what I think would be ideal for most users.

Lastly I was under the impression that some of the DVB-T STB boxes get
14 days of data from EIT, does this come from a separate channel/feed?

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