[mythtv-users] DisplaySize = Full ?

mike at grounded.net mike at grounded.net
Sat Nov 6 21:06:36 UTC 2010

> This part puzzles me.  You're fine with using multiple frontends for all
> of your SDTV's, but as soon as we get to your main HDTV, you want to
> share the frontend with an SDTV? 

That's because the FE can do both so of course. Why run multiple FE's when I don't have to?
There are only two of us in the place so if HD is on, it's a safe bet we're both in the living room watching.

I'm already going maintain multiple BE's for the sources I'd like to have PVR functions with. I just need one FE that has two outputs.  I don't need anything very special, just a video card which has standard VGA and HDMI or DVI port out. If they can work simultaneously, great, if not, not a big deal if I can switch between outputs from the GUI.

Currently, I'm connecting the VGA port into a scan converter but once I've figured out everything I'll be doing, everything should be on Ethernet so probably won't be using the scan converter at that point. Kinda depends on what I end up doing for that final output, the head end we're talking about. 

When I started the with the project, my thought was an STB on each TV. 
My end result hope, as I've explained many times, would be a simple set top box on each TV, not a full blown FE.
When I first started looking at myth, it seemed that I might be able to have options for outputs in terms of what I would end up using to pick up the media.

Then I was 'corrected' and it was explained that myth doesn't do that, it's just a PVR but I of course could have multiple FE's and BE's, etc. Fine, same difference. Eventually, I'll upgrade some of my TV's to HD, at that point, I'll care more about getting proper looking SD along with HD on those TV's. 

Then I'll have the option of using an FE on those TV's, which would give me SD and HD or, I can continue on beyond myth and build myself some sort of head end which outputs 'channels' over Ethernet where I can use a digital tuner which has SD/HD outputs on it.

I used to be heavily involved in video including digital but at the time it was encoding and streaming. I've been away from that for a long time and haven't much cared about it til now. 
I'm really not sure how to explain this any simpler. Trying to make heads or tails of what I would need to do in order to achieve the end result that I'm interested in.

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