[mythtv-users] Issue compiling 0.24-fixes

Chris Thauberger cthauber at allstartech.com
Fri Nov 5 14:19:03 UTC 2010

>> I'm sure I am missing something simple, but I just can't see it.
>> I have a relatively fresh MythBuntu 10.10 backend server that is currently running the latest 0.23-fixes (as well as 3 Mythbuntu 9.10 frontends, also running .23-fixes).
>> The server was just re-installed clean the other day.
>> I am looking at moving forward with the 0.24-fixes branch, now that we are into release candidates, but I just can't get it to compile.
>> ./configure is successful, but I get the following immediately after I enter the 'make' command (this is the same on all 4 machines...the MB 10.10, as well as the MB 9.10 machines)
>> > sh version.sh
>> > Usage: version.sh SVN_TREE_DIR
>> > make: *** [version.cpp] Error 1
>> This is a fresh copy from SVN of branches/release-0-24-fixes with no patches
>> Like I said to start, I am sure I am just overlooking something small...but I just can't see it.
>> Thanks!
>> Chris
So, I guess there are no suggestions on what to look for?
I can build 0.23-fixes SVN without issues, but get the above error immediately with 0.24-fixes SVN.  It doesn't even start to compile and that error comes up.
Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks again
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