[mythtv-users] [Bulk] Re: Jamu not working with 0.23

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Sat May 29 15:34:58 UTC 2010

    Even though you have not gotten the result you want I think you have 
made progress. Just so you know the -MWV options should never take more 
than 5 minutes and probably a lot less, so you do not have to let the 
job run as long as you have been before killing it.
    The issue seems to be with your Internet connection to thetvdb.com 
cache servers. One way to verify this is by running "ttvdb.py" from the 
command line to see how long it takes to respond. If the response is 
more than a minute then I feel the problem has been verified.
    Jamu uses the same api to access thetvdb.com cache servers as 
ttvdb.py does. Where you stopped jamu was at the point that it was 
trying to open up an Internet connection to download an image file.

 > /where ever ttvdb is/ttvdb.py -M "Sanctuary"
 > /where ever ttvdb is/ttvdb.py -D "24" 1 2

    You should also see if MythVideo takes a while (over a minute) to 
update metadata for a single TV series episodes when you use the "w" 
metadata update key. MythVideo connects and downloads using its own code 
so if it has slow downloads then you can eliminate jamu as the problem.
Is there a chance you have a proxy server set up which could be causing 
some issues? In the past a few users that had proxy servers reported 
issues which they eventually fixed themselves.


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