[mythtv-users] upgrade to 0.23, transition to storage groups and videometadata

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri May 28 22:56:23 UTC 2010

On 5/28/2010 17:36, george.smith at arcor.de wrote:
> I just upgraded to 0.23. Mythweb tells me that it "now requires use of the Videos Storage Group", and we use mythweb exclusively for viewing videos. I haven't been using storage groups for videos yet, and am wondering how to make the transition without losing all the metadata I've put together over the years.

When you upgrade to 0.23, all your existing content will be hashed.  If 
you then move that content over to a directory defined in the 'Videos' 
storage group, MythVideo will be able to recognize that it is the same 
file in a new location, and update the location stored in the database 
to match.

> The fields I have are: intid, title, director, plot, rating, inetref, year, userrating, length, showlevel, filename, coverfile, childid, browse, playcommand, category. Am I missing an update to the database?

Yes.  You are running an old schema (pre-0.22), and will be updated the 
first time you run the MythVideo plugin.  Title, subtitle, season, and 
episode are only parsed for newly scanned videos.  Old videos from prior 
to 0.22 will only have the title set.  It's generally suggested to start 
fresh, or at least remove all existing TV shows when upgrading, so you 
can reprocess the title and pull newer (better) metadata.

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