[mythtv-users] Issue with Exporting and Cutlist not observed

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Wed May 26 16:21:48 UTC 2010

On 26/05/10 16:30, John Pilkington wrote:
> On 26/05/10 14:14, Bernard Giannetti wrote:
>>> I see this issue has now resurfaced as ticket 8495. I'm a regular user
>>> of MythArchive and I would suggest an approach that doesn't try to do
>>> everything all at once - at least until you have reached some
>>> familiarity with how it works. I don't know what your recording format
>>> is, either. But have you tried transcoding with the cutlist outside
>>> mytharchive? It doesn't sound like it - playback when a cutlist exists
>>> will use it. If and when you have the recording as you want it try
>>> MythArchive again, and create an iso image that you can test before
>>> trying to burn the DVD. Then I use k3b to burn-and-verify. Things may
>>> still go wrong, but at least you may have made progress and won't be in
>>> the all too familiar ' MythArchive failed with error 6' situation.
>>> John P
>> Thanks for the help.
>> I'm not trying to record/burn to a DVD. I want to take a single
>> recording, create the cutlist (which I've done and verified when I
>> view the recording in MythTV) and then export, whilst retaining the
>> cutlist.
>> Have I misunderstood the capability of MythArchive? Will MythArchive
>> take a recording and cutlist and write out a file that is smaller
>> (with the cutlist bits removed)? All I seem to get is the original
>> sized recording as MPG, a PNG file and and XML file.
> I think so: MythArchive is mainly for transferring recordings to DVD,
> either as a standard DVD with 'navigation' facilities or to carry the
> recording and metadata for later re-import to MythTV. In the latter case
> I think that the recording, cutlist etc _are_ just transferred without
> processing.
>> Don't know how to transcode outside of MythTV at all. If I can use a
>> command line version to create my reduced/trimmed recordings that
>> would be great!
> It sounds as if you want to apply the cutlist and then move the
> recording outside the MythTV box. What you need is Mythtranscode. You
> can run that from the frontend > Watch recordings > M > Job Options >
> Begin Transcoding. Or you can hit X while playing the recording. Watch
> the backend log to see progress. You may need to set up options first,
> in Frontend > setup > setup > TV settings > Recording profiles >
> transcoders. You probably want autodetect from MPEG2 > Lossless.
> Or you can use the command line: see mythtranscode --help.

I should have mentioned that mythtranscode does have some limitations - 
eg it doesn't preserve all data streams, it can fail with imperfectly 
formed data etc: and that there are mythtvsetup (general) settings to 
enable mythtranscode jobs and to prevent deletion of the original 

> Good Luck!
> John P


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