[mythtv-users] Another Mythmusic Idea: The Infinite Walkman

Christopher X. Candreva chris at westnet.com
Tue May 25 00:20:35 UTC 2010

OK, corny name.  However, as an Android phone owner unlikely to buy any 
I-anything, I've been trying to come up with a system for dealing with a 
ripped CD collection, now that all my DVDs are on a server.

My problem has always been, it's far easier to go to a CD rack, grab one, 
and run out the door then to have to sit at the computer and load up what I 
wanted. That, and eve a 16gig phone isn't going to hold a majority of my 

Here's a pure thought design: What about a media player on the phone, that 
has the URL of the myth backend. On startup, it syncs just the database of 
music metadata. You navigate using the standard media player interface all 
your miusic -- anything you might have copied to directly to the phone, and 
anything back home on your server. 

If you pick a song that's on the local flash, it plays it. If you pick a 
song on the backend, it starts a download  of the track or album your 
selected.  If your connection is fast, it plays right away. If not, it's in 
the queue to start whenever it downloads. 

Now, your 16gig memory card becomes a big cache of what you've listened to 
most recently. Before long your favorite stuff will be local, but you still 
have almost instant access to anything you own.

Hence -- the Infinite Walkman :-)

Now you don't have to worry about loading up your player before you leave, 
as long as your phone has a data connection (and you don't use up your 
bandwidth alotment)

Anyone see any problems with the general conecpt ? More importantly, ave I 
reinvented the wheel ?

The Myth part I could probably code up purely as web scripts (CGI/PHP as 
appropriate). Then the trick would be to find an Android programmer 
interesting in moding the stock player app.

Chris Candreva  -- chris at westnet.com -- (914) 948-3162
WestNet Internet Services of Westchester

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