[mythtv-users] LiveTV browse across tuners, but no switch

Douglas Peale Douglas_Peale at comcast.net
Mon May 24 22:38:23 UTC 2010

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On 05/24/2010 03:23 PM, David Kubicek wrote:
> Hello,
> since I've introduced MythTV to my family as an alternative to our
> "old-school" setup, I'm being bombarded with complaints about
> non-working channel surfing. :)
> I've searched the web and found this issue bothers other people too. The
> thing is that in LiveTV, when I browse available channels, those that
> are available only on other (non-active) tuners cannot be switched to,
> unless I change "inputs" via menu manually.
> The bug is especially annoying when you have 3+ tuners and 5x multirec.
> How is anybody supposed to know, which input to choose to find one that
> has the particular multiplex free? There are e.g. 15 inputs, it's
> impossible to try to explain this to my mother or, god forbid, visiting
> grandma. :) Even I have to try two times sometimes!
> If LiveTV code is unable to change tuners/inputs automatically, why even
> allow browsing channels that don't work without manual intervention? I
> really think this is a bug - I browse to a channel, make a switch, but
> LiveTV switches to the same channel running previously. At the same
> time, it seems to know which channels are available on which tuner,
> because the browse list is reduced when a multiplex is "reserved".
> This must be easy to fix, right? I even read somewhere that this was
> going to be fixed in .22, but still no luck. It's really annoying the
> hell out of me. :)
> Any patches? Is it possible already? If not, I think I'm willing to
> offer a *reward* to make this work. Recordings are all good, but nothing
> beats LiveTV when it comes to LIVE TV...

I don't have multirec enabled on any of my 5 tuners (last time I tried that I got a bunch of empty recordings), but when I enter
a channel number that is not available on the tuner I'm using via live TV, Myth automatically switches to a tuner where that
channel is available.
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