[mythtv-users] Jamu not working with 0.23

A Desai ashu.desai at gmail.com
Sun May 23 17:34:25 UTC 2010

I tried to go through the Wiki but to be honest, not being a linux expert, I
didn't really understand exactly what to do except use the commands given
there. I tried using the -MWV command that you gave but it seems that it
gets hung up somewhere. So I have, for example, the Fanart of 24, and Flash
Forward, and quite a few, but at the same time, it misses the Fanart of say
Lost, Supernatural, and quite a few. I would say at this point I have 60%
success rate in downloading the Fanart. Unfortunately, unlike mythvideo, I
can't "edit metadata" . I been running jamu since we last talked (April) and
I can't get it to work. I have it running for a few days but it keeps
sitting there.

I also have " > /tmp/jamu.log" so that it outputs the log to a file I can
see, but it doesn't show me anything except  a few shows it managed to get
Fanart for.

Is there a wiki that shows how to install Jamu step by step?

Thanks in advance,


On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 7:38 AM, Doug Vaughan <r.d.vaughan at rogers.com>wrote:

> Ash,
>   There is nothing in your post that indicates that Jamu was not working
> properly. There is a possibility that thetvdb.com may not have been
> functioning when you were trying Jamu,  If Jamu seems to be taking too long
> then check that both the TMDB and TVDB sites are up and responsive. Jamu has
> a very long timeout for its web site connections (system default).
> Also the combination of options you were using do not have much value use
> "-MWV" instead. The "od" options werre just being ignored with any use of
> the "-M" option.
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