[mythtv-users] Plugin framework?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Wed May 19 03:07:47 UTC 2010

The existing python bindings are intended to provide canned access to 
the database and backend protocol.  They are not intended to help with 
any sort of GUI, nor should they in my opinion.  They should be left for 
use with external scripts.  You've got a couple options from here:
  - You can add custom menu entries, in 'fire and forget' fashion.  You 
would trigger the script, and get nothing back in response.
  - You could add a status information script 
which would be viewable from the backend status page, and I believe the 
info center in the frontend.
  - You could set up some webpage, and access it through MythBrowser.

In order to write full plugins in Python or Perl or some other language, 
you would have to write a meta-plugin, which included an interpreter, 
read a list of pre-defined files, or maybe all files in a directory, and 
registered them as independent plugins.  There was an attempt to do this 
with Python a couple years back, but it seems to have fizzled without 
any released files.  I've considered doing something like this in the 
past couple months, but such a thing would be far from trivial, and 
should be considered a very long term possibility.

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