[mythtv-users] View www.sbs.com.au news streams in MythVideo (Australian users)

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Wed May 19 02:24:09 UTC 2010

> The scripts can be written in whatever you feel like, so long as it provides
> the format as specified by that link I sent.  Most of the scripts are
> written in python, as most of them are written by the same (very prolific)
> user, Doug Vaughan.  If you look at the existing grabbers, the 'twit.tv'
> grabber is written in python.  Looking at your code, you already have the
> grabber split off into a separate script, and even outputting your own XML
> format.  I doubt it would be difficult to adapt that into a Tree grabber.

OK, good news it doesn't all have to be in python!

I've had a bit of a bash at turning it into an RSS subscription as
opposed to a Site subscription. I haven't followed all the grabber
script standards, I'm afraid, and it's just a tree grabber with no
search function but I can get the headlines to come up in
MythNetVision now so it's functional.

One thing I'm not too happy about is that on the MNV method the news
headlines no longer get put into a directory relating to the date they
were published, whereas they did on my original MythVideo solution.
However, this is partially offset by the fact that MythNetVision shows
the Posted Date in the metadata so perhaps it's not all that bad. Now
I just need to figure out how to convert the date into the format
required by MNV.

I'll do a tidy up and some more testing and then post the new MNV
version when it's done.

I have some suggestions for the MythNetVision interface which I think
would enhance the user experience:
- Would be good if the Posted field could show the time as well as the
date in and to be able to change the sort order to date/time rather
than just alphabetic.
- I think Browse view would benefit from showing the Posted Date/Time too.
- The item title doesn't always display fully (or is that a result of
MythCenter Wide theme I'm using?).
- Would be good to show the video duration in all views. From what I
can see the only view which has this is Browse view which has a field
called "Runtime" but it doesn't display anything (or is that my theme


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