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Ben Kamen bkamen at benjammin.net
Sun May 16 16:25:08 UTC 2010

On 5/16/2010 9:27 AM, Greg wrote:
>> Sort of following on from the earlier "I've ditched Comcast" thread
>> where it was pointed out that if every Myth user dumped them then
>> they'd not notice ...
>> I suspect that it might have a slightly more noticeable effect if
>> people dumping Comcast (or any other similar outfit) were to write to
>> the marketing people of the channels they used to watch, and perhaps
>> even the people buying their commercial time. Stress that it's the
>> obsoleting of perfectly good (and in many cases new and expensive)
>> equipment with built in cable tuners in favour of ugly and
>> inconvenient (expensively) rented tuners that you object to - and to
>> avoid getting dismissed as a geek, play the WAF, as in "and my Wife
>> didn't like all the extra remotes".

I wonder if the sales types would laugh or not. Granted they probably already hate TiVo where
the commercials can't be edited out, but "not viewed" via fastfoward all the same.

Of course, one could argue that they make proprietary DVR's available anyway.

>> Comcast may not care if another viewer doesn't renew. But the
>> advertising sales people of the various channels will care - because
>> they can only charge for adverts on channels that people are watching,
>> and people will only pay to place adverts that they think will be
>> watched.
>> Given the really low feedback rate they will be used to, I would think
>> that just a few dozen letters along the lines of "Comcast have screwed
>> me, and I've ditched them - so I no longer get channel <something> and
>> no longer see any of your commercials, and I know a lot of others
>> who've done the same" may get someone's attention. It's a long shot,
>> but if channel execs start asking Comcast execs why they are losing
>> customers over this*, then it might just raise itself above the noise
>> floor.
>> * Think casual conversation over lunch or down the golf course. "Hey
>> Bob, you know we've been getting letters from ex customers of yours
>> complaining that you've screwed them over and they've dumped you -
>> they're p***ed at not getting our channels, but aren't prepared to
>> take your s**t. What's going on ?"
> Your suggestions do work..Here in Time Warner land they were going to
> throttle the band width on Road Runner.. Road Runner was advertised as a
> 24/7 online service with unlimited bandwidth,with the understanding in
> peak time of the day it would slow down.. I don't download a whole
> lot,but when I heard this I was ticked off... They though the majority
> of people wouldn't notice..They were wrong..I wrote them and said in no
> uncertain terms I was going to switch my service... If I was going to
> get DSL speeds, I may as well have DSL service and Dish was looking good
> for TV...Thousands more like me did the same..They changed their mind..

Definitely an interesting spin.

My best results have always been had writing the CEO of a company.


p.s. I'd bet there are comcast employees lurking on this list.

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