[mythtv-users] Getting a correct lineup for DishNetwork SOLVED!

Marc Chamberlin marc at marcchamberlin.com
Sat May 15 19:44:13 UTC 2010

On 5/14/2010 11:30 PM, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 05/14/2010 11:05 PM, Marc Chamberlin wrote:
>> I now have the names of the programs showing up in the program guide 
>> for the local channels! But the responsiveness remains sluggish when 
>> I enter the Program Guide and use the up/down arrows to step from one 
>> channel to another.
>> Also the icons are not showing up yet, even though they did in the 
>> Channel Editor in mythtvsetup.
> You have a permissions problem.  Make sure that both the user who runs 
> the frontend and the user who runs the backend have access to the 
> files and directories in which the channel icons are stored.  Note 
> that usually the icons are placed in the $HOME/.mythtv/channels 
> directory of the user who ran mythtv-setup to populate the icons, so 
> if you run the backend and frontend as different users--especially if 
> one of them is root--you likely will be making the channel icons not 
> available to the other user.
> Mike
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Thanks Mike, you gave me enough info that time to solve both the missing 
icons and the sluggish response issue I was experiencing... The 
developers of MythTV need to rethink their GUI interfaces a bit because 
the mythtvsetup interface is doing a poor job of guiding a user to a 
solution for this particular problem and even leads to a user trap....

The trap I fell into was due the the fact that daemons must be started 
and stopped by ROOT and this applies to the mythbackend daemon. 
mythtvsetup wants to be able to start and stop the mythbackend daemon 
and even supplies the ability to allow the user to specify the commands 
for doing so (Which is a Catch22 until the user gets that set up 
properly...). In openSuSE this is done by using what they call a 
runlevel script - rcmythbackend which takes parameters - start, stop to 
accomplish this. Therefore I simply specified "rcmythbackend start" and 
"rcmythbackend stop" and assumed that mythtvsetup had to be ran as 
ROOT.  I, as a user, have no idea where mythtvsetup is going to 
store/persist parameters and settings, for all I know it could all be 
done within the mysql database that MythTV is using, which would allow 
the user access to the setup data, regardless of whether he/she is 
running with root or user privileges...

So... when I ran mythtvsetup to fetch my icons, I ran it as root and 
that apparently caused me to fall into the trap of having the icon data 
stored within ROOT's directory, and not within my user directory...

The solution I came up with was to specify the commands for starting and 
stopping the mythbackend daemon as follows -

echo "rootPassword" | sudo -S rcmythbackend start


echo "rootPassword" | sudo -S rcmythbackend stop

But that of course exposes the root password in a non-secure fashion.  
For me and my wife, that is fine and I don't really care, but for some 
users that approach may not be acceptable. But now I can run mythtvsetup 
as an ordinary user and have the data from it stored in the appropriate 
directory.. (but IMHO all the data from mythtvsetup probably should be 
stored in the mysql database instead. For the icons, use pointers, 
stored also in the database, to the actual icon files which could be 
stored at some neutral location where all users can gain access...)

Anywise, thanks a million for your help, this effectively resolves this 
issue. I am sure I will be asking more questions shortly...


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