[mythtv-users] Calling for testers...

jansenj jansenj+myth at gmail.com
Fri May 14 12:38:21 UTC 2010

> You also have the issues of syncing all playback together, it's hard
> enough syncing one audio stream with the video, imagine two or more ?
> Very true, hadn't thought of it quite like that.  Then what about having an
option to change digital vs analog output in the osd menu? Or would I be the
only one who would use such a feature?

I keep an fm transmitter plugged in to myth for wireless headphones, and use
my stereo for normal surround sound tv watching.  That way, I can switch to
headphones without having to plug into the headphone jack on the amp.  My
only other option would be to run a speaker wire into a converter box to
give me a line out.
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