[mythtv-users] Calling for testers...

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Thu May 13 23:32:51 UTC 2010


On 14 May 2010 04:45, jansenj <jansenj+myth at gmail.com> wrote:
> A little OT since I'm not sure it pertains to these updates: Is there any
> way using pulse or alsa that I'll be able to get digital surround sound sent
> out at the same time as down-sampled stereo analog?  Odd question, I know,
> but I've got my reasons since my amp won't convert a digital input to a
> pre-amp RCA output, but I want the surround sound at the amp.  I've just
> resorted to restarting mythtv with one set of mysql settings or another
> currently.  It would be awesome if we could switch digital vs. analog in the
> osd!  That would work for me too.

We have considered the ability to send the audio to more than one
device at once... This wouldn't be too difficult for the playing part
Then comes all the things required to actually configure it and enable it.

You also have the issues of syncing all playback together, it's hard
enough syncing one audio stream with the video, imagine two or more ?

As for pulse, i'm not familiar with all its capabilities...
But at this stage, in myth it's either AC3/DTS or PCM out.

Say pulseaudio allows to send it to more than one device, I'm pretty
sure you'll have to configure myth to output PCM , as I doubt pulse
can do the AC3 decoding to output analog

Hope that makes sense...

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