[mythtv-users] Twin DVB-T USB tunner

Indulis Bernsteins indulis.b at au1.ibm.com
Fri May 14 03:34:09 UTC 2010

> I want to plug to MythTV a twin DVB-T tunner, it must be USB because I
> have no more PCIe slots on the HTPC.

My Pinnacle Diversity USB Stick dual tuner works 100% with a single tuner. 
 It does not work when I enable both tuners- recordings work for about 10 
seconds then I get USB disconnects.  This may be the fault of my 
motherboard (AMD 690G chipset I think), I know that some kernel versions 
had problems with these USB chips causing disconnects, I previously fixed 
it with a later kernel version- so it may or may not be possible to fix 
it.  I should really get a USB adapter and try it, my twin tuner DVICO 4 
PCI adapter works fine (this is a twin USB hub with tuners attached on a 
card).  There is a twin PCI-E DVB-T tuner that is supported I think.

I'd try single tuner USB sticks.  THe most recent support is in the 
LinuxTV mailing lists- you have to trawl the lists to see what is going 
on.  The wiki is out of date.  You may also look at the mythtv wiki (which 
shoudl not really have this info, it shoud all be moved to LinuxTV so 
there is "one wiki to bind them").

Don't forget to set up "virtual tuners" for each physical tuner- with 
DVB-T each physical tuner can receive multiple programs from one TV 
station (e.g. sport and soap opera, from same TV station). 


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