[mythtv-users] Your recording statistics?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu May 13 02:43:29 UTC 2010

greg at nodecam.com <greg at nodecam.com> says:
> A lot of those stats are inflated by shows that I don't watch regularly -
> for example, I record Sportscentre every night (1246 episodes recorded,)
> but maybe watch 15 minutes a week.  Also record a couple of other shows
> that cycle through and get deleted unwatched most of the time.

The ability to control on a per-rule basis how many episodes of a
given program are kept at a given time is one of the (many) unsung
advantages of MythTV. Like Greg I have the latest--and only the
latest--episode of SportsCenter available each day. Also recorded this
way are everal other news and sports news programs and other programs
I want to have an episode or three around at any given time but don't
care which one, like _Sunrise Earth_. The scheduler automatically
expires unwanted episodes without doing anything on my part beyond
creating the rules for each.

Frontend/backend:	P4 3.0GHz, 1.5TB software RAID 5 array
Backend:		Quad-core Xeon 1.6GHz, 6.6TB sw RAID 6
Video inputs:		Four high-definition over FireWire/OTA
Accessories:		47" 1080p LCD, 5.1 digital, and MX-600

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