[mythtv-users] Missing channels from Astra 28.2E

Terjesen Jens Peder Jens.Peder.Terjesen at devoteam.com
Wed May 12 11:17:58 UTC 2010

Chris Dennis wrote:

Terjesen Jens Peder wrote:
> _______________________________________________
> Hi.
> I guess you are using an universal LNB?
> It looks like you are only getting the low-band channels?
>    >>> tune to: 10773:h:0:22000
>    DVB-S IF freq is 1023000
> I.e. 10733 Mhz - 9750 Mhz = 1023 Mhz -> OK
>  >>> tune to: 11953:h:0:27500 (tuning failed)
>    DVB-S IF freq is 1353500
> I.e. 11953 Mhz - 10600 Mhz = 1353 Mhz -> NOK.
> It that is the case it would mean that the tone-switching on your card is broken.
> I bought a Hauppauge Nova-S-Plus a few years ago that functioned as it should for a few months, then the tone-switching stopped working.
> Fortunatly for me the webshop replaced it with a Hauppauge HVR-4000 at no extra charge.
> Jens

Aha!  That's an interesting thought.  I was wondering why the -tone
option of dvbtune made no difference.

In fact I've got two Nova-S-Plus cards in the backend -- maybe both of
them have failed in this way.  I'll try them one at a time at the
weekend.  They're a couple of years old, so not within warranty.

Which are good DVB-S PCI cards these days?



Come to think of it it could also be the LNB that is at fault. So if you have a regular sat-box you can test with that in order to isolate the fault to either the LNB or the sat-card.

I have three Hauppauge! WinTV-HVR4000-HD. The DVB-S/S2 part is working out of the box with newer kernels and MythTV 0.22. Just remember to download and install firmware. I have not got the DVB-T part working, but the last info I saw was that it should work with latest v4l-dvb and firmware.

I also have two Hauppauge! WinTV-NOVA-HD-S2 that also work greate for DVB-S/S2. The NOVA-HD-S2 has the same DVB-S/S2 hardware as the HVR4000 so uses the same drivers and firmware.


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