[mythtv-users] Suddenly no audio

Ken Sarkies ksarkies at trinity.asn.au
Wed May 12 09:07:42 UTC 2010

Hi All

I've only just joined this mailing list so please forgive me if I'm 
repeating something said recently.

When I just a few weeks ago moved from a three year old MythTV install 
to 0.22 on Ubuntu Karmic, on the same hardware, I spent about three 
weeks trying to get it to work the way it used to. Most of the problems 
turned out to be due to changes in Ubuntu and the kernel.

One thing I noticed was that MythTV (most probably MythWelcome but maybe 
MythFrontend) seemed to mute all ALSA channels on startup except for the 
Master and possibly PCM. But for some reason my hardware needed a 
channel called "Front" to be unmuted. The simple solution was to sleep 
for about 30s after starting MythWelcome and then unmute the necessary 

It seems to me there has been some changes to ALSA since my first 
install, and I still haven't got it sorted out.

Just a thought.


Sauve qui peut, la grande panique. Rien n'est simple, tout se complique.


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